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Denture Services: New Dentures

Dentures are truly bespoke items, like a made to measure suit or dress with many options:

Constructing a successful denture requires time, care and the use of high quality materials.

The important areas of a denture are:
  • How they fit to your gums
  • How they bite together
  • How they harmonise with your lips, cheeks and gums
  • How they look

If you are considering a new set of dentures it’s worth asking yourself how well your existing dentures score in each of these areas. Just jot down a simple score from 1 to 10 for each and bring it in when you come to see us. 

What are the different qualities of denture?

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What are there different types of denture?

Full Dentures - Complete Dentures

Full dentures (sometimes called complete dentures) are for people that have no remaining natural teeth in the jaw where the denture is to be fitted. They are usually made entirely of plastic but can sometimes be strengthened with a metal insert.


Upper & Lower Full (Complete) Dentures

Partial Dentures*

Partial dentures are for people that have one or more remaining natural tooth in the jaw where the denture is to be fitted


Fig.1 - Plastic Denture. Fig.2 - Metal Based Denture


Types of Partial Denture:
  • Rigid plastic.  This is the lowest cost option and has the advantage that it can be easily repaired or modified if you lose further natural teeth. Downsides are that they are bulkier than other types of partial denture so they may feel less comfortable and it can be more difficult to keep your remaining natural teeth clean

  • Metal Based. These dentures have a cobalt chromium base that connects everything together, almost like the chassis of a car! This means that the denture can be thinner, cover a smaller area, yet be stronger.  Your remaining natural teeth must be in good health to be suitable for this option, as they are often used to support and hold this type of denture in place.

  • Flexible Denture. This type of denture is made from a special semi flexible plastic material that can grip onto your remaining natural teeth and gums. As with a metal based denture your remaining natural teeth must be in good health to be suitable for this option


Overdentures are a type of denture that can use the roots of your natural

teeth to help support and retain the denture.

Implant Dentures*

Implant dentures are a special type of overdenture retained by dental

implants and clip securely in to position, almost like press studding them into



Fig.1 -A model of the mouth with implants. Fig.2 - The 'press dtuds'

Note: * Partial dentures,  Overdentures and Implant dentures are always constructed to the prescription of a dental surgeon.


CQR™ Denture technique

If you struggle to cope with full (complete) dentures, but aren’t ready for Dental Implants Smilecrafters are one of a select group of practices that are able to offer the CQR™ Denture technique.

If you wear dentures, but have difficulty chewing your food then you could regain the confidence and the quality of life that goes with a beautiful, natural smile with CQR™ Dentures, a new concept for denture wearers!

CQR™ Dentures are constructed using a special technique. So your bite is not only recorded opening and closing as per conventional techniques. But also horizontally to replicate the chewing movement of your jaws. Your dentures are then carefully constructed using these dynamic measurements. This can allow the muscles of the jaw to work more effectively and allow a better chewing action making your dentures more stable.

Why not contact us to arrange a FREE consultation to see whether CQR™ Dentures can make a difference for you.


Feel SECURE with CQR™ Dentures!