At the time of writing the public are being advised to limit social contact and make only
strictly necessary movements. Those over 70 or with suppressed immune systems have
been advised to self-isolate. In short this is a challenging time for the whole of society.
Please be assured that Smilecrafters will always act according to the latest government and
regulatory advice, something that may well result in some temporary inconvenience.

However throughout the period we will endeavour to at the very least continue to offer an
emergency denture repair service. After all for those that need them, dentures are essential
in providing good nutrition and basic dignity, particularly for the elderly and infirm.


If you do you require a denture repair or indeed have any other inquiry please always ring
us first for an appointment and do not call in on spec. This is to avoid having more than one
visitor in the waiting area or clinic and to allow us to undertake as much assessment as
possible without direct contact. It may also be that we need to change our opening hours
through this period.


Many of our existing customers do fall into the age group that has been instructed to self-
isolate. We understand that this will be difficult and at times lonely, so if this is you and you
do want to hear a friendly voice then please just give us a call. You have supported us over
the years and we are happy to offer something back.


Finally just a reminder to follow whatever the prevailing advice is from the government and
also to keep yourself as healthy as possible. Try and eat a good diet with plenty of fruit and
vegetables to keep your vitamins topped up and immune system strong. Don’t forget to
keep yourself hydrated with regular drinks and if possible take regular exercise. And if you
are feeling lonely pick the phone up and reach out.