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Denture Services: Denture Repairs

Smilecrafters offer a comprehensive denture repair service, we can repair almost all types of denture. This even includes difficult to repair metal based dentures with our state of the art laser welding equipment

Repairs are usually done on a same day basis, but in case of emergency can also be repaired while you wait. This usually takes around an hour so it’s best to bring a book or magazine with you.

We will always try and identify the cause of the repair and give you an idea of how long the repair is likely to last.


What if my dentures break?

It is impossible to guarantee that your dentures will never break, no matter how well constructed they are. However if your dentures do break in most cases they can be repaired and we will endeavor to do this as quickly and conveniently as possible for you. We understand how important your teeth are and how inconvenient this can be!

We will also investigate why they have broken in order to try and help to avoid similar episodes in the future.

Why do dentures break?

There are many reasons why dentures break, however here are a few examples:
You have been unfortunate and dropped them: If this has happened it is a good idea to ask us for a copy of our care instructions leaflet and consider purchasing one of our protective boxes.

Your dentures no longer fit your gums evenly: You should consider having your denture relined or perhaps even a new denture.

Your dentures do not bite together evenly: Sometimes we can adjust the way that your dentures bite together, but you may need to consider a new denture.

How long does a repair take?

It is hard to be specific but usually about half a day. Repairs can be done whilst you wait but we always suggest that you bring a book or newspaper as there is some waiting whilst the new plastic hardens.

Can I repair my own dentures?

Repairing dentures is a skilled job requiring special plastic resins and equipment. You should never attempt a home repair with material such as superglue as this can completely ruin a repairable denture.

Can extra teeth be added to my denture if I have lost more natural teeth?

In most instances yes although you may first need to obtain a prescription from a GDC registered dentist. This procedure is slightly more expensive than a standard repair.

Can my denture be strengthened?

Sometimes it is possible to strengthen a denture by increasing the thickness of the plastic or inserting a piece of stainless steel or glass fiber. However the most important thing is for us to understand why the denture broke in the first place.